Thursday, August 11, 2011

Honoring Ann Epner, a Familiar Voice on WIOX

A familiar voice on WIOX, Ann Epner has been known for many years as a Program Director at the Roxbury Arts Group, and President of the Writers in the Mountains, affiliated with the RAG. After retiring from the publishing industry in New York City in 2000, Ann moved full time to Roxbury. Ever since, she has been active in the local arts and writing community, and has supported many local projects. Earlier this month, Ann was appointed Executive Director at the Pine Hill Community Center, where she plans to develop new programs and attract more funds. 
On WIOX, Ann started with “Rag on the Rox,” later renamed “RAGTime” – an hour weekly co-hosted with Susan Kenny and Maggie Cullen. “RAGTime” features artists and performances taking place at the Roxbury Arts Center; it is on-the-air every Friday at 1 pm.

After gaining experience with “Rag on the Rox,” Ann developed two other shows: “The Writer’s Voice,” on-the-air Tuesday at 1 pm, and “Ann on Broadway,” broadcast every other Sunday at noon. “The Writer’s Voice” is co-hosted with Geoff Rogers, Annie Hersh and Phyllis Horowitz, and covers interviews with local writers, readings of published works, and literature from the garden. 

Growing up with musicals on Broadway, Ann has put together a program very dear to her heart: “Ann on Broadway,” featuring the best of all time musicals. So far, she has featured big names like “Gypsy,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” “West Side Story,” and many others. This popular program wants your participation. Let Ann know what musical you would like to hear and talk about.

On August 21 the Writers in the Mountains Gala Reunion will be honoring Ann Epner for her inspiring leadership at the Farmcreek Inn and Tavern in New Kingston. The event is also a fundraiser for the Writers in the Mountains. To attend, call (845) 586-2363 or email by August 17.   

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